Poland Breaks Space Barrier with Eco-Friendly Rocket

Nation Joins Elite Space Club, Paves Way for Green Propulsion


NASA’s astronauts return after a year living on simulated Mars

Everything about the mission was conducted to simulate an actual Martian environment.


Pentagon expects F-35 deliveries to restart this month

The head of Air Combat Command is “hopeful” the fighter jets will be ready for deliveries to resume in July.

Science & Tech

Space operations boss wants more virtual simulations to boost training

After a recent demo, Lt. Gen. David Miller said Space Operations Command needs realistic simulations to train at the highest levels.


How GAO told the Air Force to redo $12B systems integration contract

The dispute over a Sentinel program integration support contract intensifies as BAE Systems and Guidehouse battle for the award, further adding to the Air Force's nuclear missile modernization woes.


H3 Launches its Second Successful Mission

Successful Launch Marks Comeback After 2023 Failure, Positions H3 for Competitive Role in Space Market


Army tests next-gen long-range fires capability in Pacific

Land forces also used high-altitude sensing balloons and new endurance ISR drone during a Navy-led exercise.


Air Force fires head of Sentinel ICBM program

Spokesman says Col. Charles Clegg's removal "is not directly related" to the program's ballooning costs.

Exclusive Defense

New sat images show Russian vessels fleeing Black Sea ports

Ukrainian drone attacks have also prompted Russian patrols and harbor defenses, according to BlackSky images.

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Space Command renews call for ways to refuel satellites in orbit

Despite others’ reservations, commander says U.S. space assets need to be able to outrun adversaries.

Science & Tech

How AI is turning satellite imagery into a window on the future

What can a picture from space tell you? “You're likely to have a drought here that might lead to civil unrest.”


Lockheed Martin tapped to develop NOAA’s new series of weather satellites

Lockheed Martin won a contract to build three satellites for NOAA’s Geostationary Extended Observations program, with the option to develop an additional four spacecraft, under a $2.27 billion award announced on Tuesday.

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Space among trends driving today's Top 100

For the biggest companies, commercial tech, space and partnerships are keys to success in the federal market.