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Space Command renews call for ways to refuel satellites in orbit

Despite others’ reservations, commander says U.S. space assets need to be able to outrun adversaries.

How AI is turning satellite imagery into a window on the future

What can a picture from space tell you? “You're likely to have a drought here that might lead to civil unrest.”

Space among trends driving today's Top 100

For the biggest companies, commercial tech, space and partnerships are keys to success in the federal market.

Leidos retains $738M Air Force enterprise IT contract

The company has supported IT and telecommunications systems for this Air Force customer since 2003.

NOAA looks to sharpen solar storm forecasts with new satellite

The agency’s GOES-U satellite, scheduled to launch next month, will include an advanced instrument, called a compact coronagraph, to provide scientists with faster, more reliable data about solar storms.

NASA is working to onboard AI tools

The space agency is testing a generative AI capability that officials expect to go live this summer with approvals to use sensitive internal data.

Space assets are in foreign adversaries' cyber crosshairs, DOD official says

The easiest targets are ground assets like operation centers and launch facilities, said Mieke Eoyang.

NASA delivers Voyager software update across 15 billion miles of space

Scientists and engineers with the space agency were able to successfully repair an issue in one of the probe’s onboard computers from over 15 billion miles away.

Anduril, General Atomics win more USAF money to develop robot wingmen

But the giants they beat out are welcome to pitch self-developed drones for production contracts.

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ULA has an ambitious plan to ‘reuse’ Vulcan rocket: keep it in space

The heavy-lift rocket’s upper stage might extend its service as a tug or defender.

NASA needs to refocus on supercomputing to keep pace in space, watchdog says

The space agency “needs a renewed commitment and sustained leadership attention” to enhance its overburdened and vulnerable high-end computing assets.

New Army space plan anticipates 'operator'-level space capabilities, general says

The new Army Space and Missile Defense Command leader also praised the use of Coyote anti-drone interceptors.

NASA Leader Looks to Artemis II and Beyond for Agency’s Future

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson emphasized that such complex missions “are not going to launch until it’s right” for astronaut safety.