NASA’s asteroid sample mission gave scientists around the world the rare opportunity to study an artificial meteor

While very small meteoroids are common, larger ones – bigger than a dishwasher – are not.

Indian Astronaut Headed to ISS as Nation Ramps Up Space Program

ISRO's Gaganyaan mission to send crewed spacecraft preps for launch, while successful OneWeb deal highlights India's growing role in the global space market

NOAA previews $8B services vehicle's 'Weather' domain

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration takes the next step in wrapping up all of the awards for its ProTech 2.0 small business vehicle.

Move over Roscosmos; NASA and ESA form ExoMars agreement

After the Russian exit due to war, the mission with the delayed Rosalind Franklin rover gets a new lift

NASA greenlights bids for $444M facility support recompete

The aptly named COSMIC contract covers work at a pair of hubs focused on rocket engine testing and space structure manufacturing.

From Tragedy to Triumph, the Story of the Soviet Soyuz Capsule

The tragic end of Soyuz 1 highlighted the risks of the early space race

Boeing Starliner launch delayed by valve issue on Centaur Upper Stage

The Centaur Upper Stage suffered an anomaly, but the mission is now expected to proceed in late May after repairs

NASA doesn't know if its spacecraft have adequate cyber defenses, GAO warns

The agency encourages its spacecraft programs to use an optional best practices guide when it comes to implementing cybersecurity requirements.

Europe’s Galileo gains two more Satellites

Launch on SpaceX Falcon 9 bolsters European navigation system, with next-generation upgrade on the horizon.

Starliner poised for first crewed flight, set to launch in May

Boeing's capsule to join SpaceX's Dragon in ferrying astronauts to the ISS, potentially ending reliance on Russia's Soyuz

Bipartisan bill seeks to grow NASA program using drones to fight wildfires

New legislation attempts to improve NASA’s Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response to Operations program so firefighters can more effectively use drones.

Pentagon eyes Starship, designed for Mars, for military missions somewhat closer to home

After a successful, if abbreviated, third test flight, SpaceX’s reusable mega-rocket might be ready before the U.S. military is.

Rocket Lab won’t be ready to launch its new rocket by year’s end, documents suggest

This likely means a delay for the Pentagon’s effort to boost competition for rocket launches.

Senators take bipartisan shot at preventing space jams

Senate legislation seeks to make “basic-level” space data, analytics and other services available to help maintain U.S. dominance in the space sector.

National Archives tees up new rules for UFO records

New legislation mandates a governmentwide repository of records dealing with "unidentified anomalous phenomena."

The flexibility of rockets: Cygnus ready for a new ride

Antares, the rocket previously used for Cygnus missions, is undergoing upgrades to replace its Russian-built engines.