New sat images show Russian vessels fleeing Black Sea ports

Ukrainian drone attacks have also prompted Russian patrols and harbor defenses, according to BlackSky images.

Blue Origin cleared to bid on national-security launches

But Bezos-owned rocket firm is the only newcomer in a $5.6B contract pool that had been intended to foster competition.

Germany's Rheinmetall Expands into Space with Focus on Tactical Intel

Company Sets Sights on Tactical Recon, Invests in SAR Satellite Operator ICEYE

Space Force awards $1B ground system software contract

The service branch hires 20 small businesses to help move along the development of a new system that leans on commercial cloud.

Missile threats are proliferating. Here’s how the Pentagon is trying to keep up

A booster tweak might improve an anti-ICBM weapon while a next-gen missile-spotting constellation comes online.

Air Force chooses 14 for $220M geospatial support contract

Air Force leaders sought a pool of contractors to help facilitate enhanced and shared situational awareness.

Space Force inches closer to classified remote work

The platform could be a popular remote-work solution for Space Systems Command.

DOD: Russia’s use of Starlink will be a ‘continuous problem’ in Ukraine

The Pentagon and SpaceX have been working together to shut off Russia’s use of Starlink.

EIB backs Polish defense with EUR300 million for Earth observation satellites

Airbus Defence and Space will produce two S950 Optical satellites for launch in 2028

'Fast movers': Chinese satellites zoom around for inspections—or interference

In a previously unreported incident, one of China's maneuvering satellites was tracked and approached by a Russian one.

Why DOD’s network agency is SATCOM-curious

The Defense Information Systems Agency is experimenting with multiple satellite communications providers as it works to make the network more resilient.

Starlink battleground as both sides in Ukraine war using satellite internet, raising concerns

Unverified reports suggest Starlink use by Russia could slow service for Ukraine, potentially impacting the war's course.

Chinese satellites are breaking the US 'monopoly' on long-range targeting

China “has rapidly advanced in space in a way that few people can appreciate,” Space Force official says.