DOD: Russia’s use of Starlink will be a ‘continuous problem’ in Ukraine

The Pentagon and SpaceX have been working together to shut off Russia’s use of Starlink.


EIB backs Polish defense with EUR300 million for Earth observation satellites

Airbus Defence and Space will produce two S950 Optical satellites for launch in 2028


'Fast movers': Chinese satellites zoom around for inspections—or interference

In a previously unreported incident, one of China's maneuvering satellites was tracked and approached by a Russian one.


NOAA previews $8B services vehicle's 'Weather' domain

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration takes the next step in wrapping up all of the awards for its ProTech 2.0 small business vehicle.


Move over Roscosmos; NASA and ESA form ExoMars agreement

After the Russian exit due to war, the mission with the delayed Rosalind Franklin rover gets a new lift


NASA greenlights bids for $444M facility support recompete

The aptly named COSMIC contract covers work at a pair of hubs focused on rocket engine testing and space structure manufacturing.


Why DOD’s network agency is SATCOM-curious

The Defense Information Systems Agency is experimenting with multiple satellite communications providers as it works to make the network more resilient.


Starlink battleground as both sides in Ukraine war using satellite internet, raising concerns

Unverified reports suggest Starlink use by Russia could slow service for Ukraine, potentially impacting the war's course.


From Tragedy to Triumph, the Story of the Soviet Soyuz Capsule

The tragic end of Soyuz 1 highlighted the risks of the early space race

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Space assets are in foreign adversaries' cyber crosshairs, DOD official says

The easiest targets are ground assets like operation centers and launch facilities, said Mieke Eoyang.


Special Aerospace Services buys secure communications business

Godspeed Capital Management has now backed two acquisitions of SAS with this newest move also adding a NASA footprint.


Boeing Starliner launch delayed by valve issue on Centaur Upper Stage

The Centaur Upper Stage suffered an anomaly, but the mission is now expected to proceed in late May after repairs


Eutelsat America Corp gets new CEO

Executive hires focused on technology, operations and corporate development also feature.


Chinese satellites are breaking the US 'monopoly' on long-range targeting

China “has rapidly advanced in space in a way that few people can appreciate,” Space Force official says.


Russian space nuke could render low-Earth orbit unusable for a year, US official says

Pentagon’s space-policy leader noted with concern Moscow’s recent veto of a UN resolution against putting nuclear weapons in space.