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Audrey Decker
Audrey Decker is the air warfare reporter for Defense One. She previously reported for Inside Defense, where she reported on the Navy and emerging defense technology. She's a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Air Force fires head of Sentinel ICBM program

Spokesman says Col. Charles Clegg's removal "is not directly related" to the program's ballooning costs.

Science & Tech

Space Command renews call for ways to refuel satellites in orbit

Despite others’ reservations, commander says U.S. space assets need to be able to outrun adversaries.


Blue Origin cleared to bid on national-security launches

But Bezos-owned rocket firm is the only newcomer in a $5.6B contract pool that had been intended to foster competition.


DOD: Russia’s use of Starlink will be a ‘continuous problem’ in Ukraine

The Pentagon and SpaceX have been working together to shut off Russia’s use of Starlink.


Chinese satellites are breaking the US 'monopoly' on long-range targeting

China “has rapidly advanced in space in a way that few people can appreciate,” Space Force official says.


Russian space nuke could render low-Earth orbit unusable for a year, US official says

Pentagon’s space-policy leader noted with concern Moscow’s recent veto of a UN resolution against putting nuclear weapons in space.

Science & Tech

Anduril, General Atomics win more USAF money to develop robot wingmen

But the giants they beat out are welcome to pitch self-developed drones for production contracts.


RTX moves away from competing as a prime for space contracts

COO: “We've got some other strengths in some of the key components that go in the prime satellites and buses.”

Exclusive Science & Tech

ULA has an ambitious plan to ‘reuse’ Vulcan rocket: keep it in space

The heavy-lift rocket’s upper stage might extend its service as a tug or defender.


US-China mil-to-mil thaw reaches space

Beijing has reached out on space safety, says U.S. Space Command leader, who also issued warnings about new PLA capabilities.


Spy agency ready to launch new vehicle-tracking satellites

After tests go well, NRO director looks to start replacing JSTARS aircraft with orbital sensors.


China’s moon plans worry Space Force

New orbits could open “potential attack vectors” on US satellites, general says.


Pentagon eyes Starship, designed for Mars, for military missions somewhat closer to home

After a successful, if abbreviated, third test flight, SpaceX’s reusable mega-rocket might be ready before the U.S. military is.


Space Force seeks orbital-refueling tech in new budget

But spending caps will slow counterspace efforts, space chief says in interview.